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We repair all models and brands of garbage disposals in Houston and the surrounding cities regardless of the age of the garbage disposal. If you have a dead or leaking garbage disposal or for any other problems with your garbage disposal, we are ready to help. Just call our local number and let us do the rest in order to bring your garbage disposal back to normal working condition. You can reach us 24/7 at our local number for same-day garbage disposal repair in Houston.

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Caution: Homeowners should not get involved any garbage disposal repairs on their own, unless they are professionally trained and experienced in garbage disposal repairs. Repairing water, electrical and mechanical garbage disposal issues that you are not familiar with can be very dangerous and costly. The information posted on our website is only for educational purposes, in order to help you become more familiar with your garbage disposal, while also learning how to use them in the most efficient and cost effective way. For professional help on your garbage disposal repair service needs in Houston, call us at our local number:

Installing a garbage disposal

While the exact plumbing assembly will vary from garbage disposal to garbage disposal, the procedure for garbage disposal installation is generally the same for all garbage disposals:
1. Remove the existing sink trap, strainer, and drain line. The trap and drain line come apart by the garbage disposal mounting consists of a mounting ring and a sleeve, which replaces the sink strainer and is held to the underside of the sink by mounting bolts. Rotating the couplings and do not be fooled by the strainer. It resides in an unthreaded whole cut in the bottom of the sink, but has a locking nut threaded around its base which must be unscrewed. The strainer was installed in a bed of putty, which may have glued the garbage disposal to the bottom of the sink. You may have to pry it, twist it, or bang the bottom of it with a hammer to get it loose. Whatever you do, be assured that it is not threaded into the sink itself, even though it may be stubborn enough to make you think it is.
2. When the old drain assembly is removed, scour the area around the drain hole on both sides of the sink bottom until the porcelain or metal is absolutely clean.
3. Remove the entire sink mounting assembly from the top of the garbage disposal. The assembly will include a snap ring, mounting screws, a mounting ring, a fiber gasket, and a sink sleeve. Dismantle the assembly by loosening the mounting screws until you can take off the snap ring.
4. Apply a ring of oil-base plumber's putty around the top of the drain opening at the bottom of the sink and place the sink sleeve in the opening. Push down on the sleeve; an ample amount of putty should squeeze out from under the sleeve, but do not remove the excess yet.
5. From under the sink, slide the fiber gasket up around the sleeve and tighten the back-up ring against the bottom of the sink. Slide the mounting ring over the sink sleeve and insert the snap ring into its groove on the sink sleeve to hold them in place. Tighten the mounting screws in the mounting ring evenly and as tightly as you can get them to hold the mounting ring securely in place against the bottom of the sink. You will notice that the mounting ring has angled flanges around its bottom rim. These correspond to mounting lugs attached to the top of the canister, which will slide under the flanges and hold the garbage disposal in place.
6. If you intend to connect your dishwasher to the garbage disposal, you must first remove the steel and rubber knockout plugs in the side of the canister to form the garbage disposal dishwasher inlet. You do this by placing a blunt instrument against the plug at an angle and hitting it with the heel of your hand. The plug or plugs will fall inside the garbage disposal and you'll have to reach in and retrieve them. Most manufacturer’s sell a dishwasher installation kit for their garbage disposals so that you can make your connections properly and with the least amount of effort.
7. Prepare the garbage disposal for accepting the dish-washer drain line before you install the canister under your sink. The garbage disposal drain outlet in the side of the canister must be fitted with an elbow or straight piece of pipe, which is usually supplied by the manufacturer. The pipe is flanged at one end. A gasket is placed over the flange and resides between the pipe and the drain outlet on the side of the garbage disposal. The gasket and pipe are held in place by bolting a metal plate around the flange to the canister.
8. When your garbage disposal drain connections have been installed, lift the garbage disposal up to the mounting assembly and rotate it into the mounting ring until the lugs are tight. You will most likely discover this is not as easily done as said. There are usually three mounting lugs and they have a way of catching two of the mounting flanges but not the third, which means you have to keep holding that heavy garbage disposal up under the dark sink and feel your way behind the ring to make certain all three lugs are properly engaged. You must also get the garbage disposal tight against the sink but turned to exactly the direction you want the drain lines to go. The process can take a while to accomplish.
9. Now connect the discharge tube on the side of the garbage disposal to the sink drain. Unless you have brand new plumbing it is a good idea to run an auger through the drain line to make certain it is in no way clogged. The drainpipe you attached to the garbage disposal is, most likely, plastic but by using a slip-nut connection on the trap you can also connect your existing metal drain trap. However, the canister takes up space under the sink and you will probably find you have to redesign the trap configuration to make it fit properly into your drain pipe. It's easiest to start with all new tubular goods. The electrical work involved with a garbage disposal installation can be done either before or after the garbage disposal is hanging under the sink. There is a well in the bottom of the garbage disposal, which is covered by a plate that must be removed. About the only thing you will find in the well are black and white lead wires from the motor and a grounding screw. Connect your cable to the wires with wire nuts and the bare grounding wire to the grounding screw, and then put the cover back on the well. So far as the garbage disposal is concerned, that is all the wiring you have to do. The remainder of your electrical work involves finding a place for the switch and a junction or outlet box that you can connect the cable into.

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