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We repair all models and brands of microwaves in Houston and the surrounding cities regardless of the age of the microwave. If you have a dead microwave or the microwave is not warming the food or for any other problems with your microwave, we are ready to help. Just call our local number and let us do the rest in order to bring your microwave back to normal working condition. You can reach us 24/7 at our local number for same-day microwave repairs in Houston.

Please note: We currently don't work on microwaves

Please Note: We Do Not Sell Parts

Caution: Homeowners should not get involved any microwave repairs on their own, unless they are professionally trained and experienced in microwave repairs. Repairing gas, electrical and mechanical microwave issues that you are not familiar with can be very dangerous and costly. The information posted on our website is only for educational purposes, in order to help you become more familiar with your microwave, while also learning how to use them in the most efficient and cost effective way. For professional help on your microwave repair service needs in Houston, call us at our local number: