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We repair all models and brands of stoves in Houston and the surrounding cities regardless of the age of the stove. If you feel smell of gas from your stove or the stove burners is not getting hot or for any other problems with your stove, we are ready to help. Just call our local number and let us do the rest in order to bring your stove back to normal working condition. You can reach us 24/7 at our local number for same-day stove repairs in Houston.

713 481-5074

Please Note: We Do Not Sell Parts

If you prefer, you can contact us for Houston stove repair service via email. Just provide a brief explanation of your stove problem along with your name and contact information, and as soon as we receive your note, we will contact you with the solution for your stove issue.

We repair all stove models and brands in Houston:

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Speed Queen
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Our stove repair service areas include all of Houston and the surrounding cities:

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Caution: Homeowners should not get involved any stove repairs on their own, unless they are professionally trained and experienced in stove repairs. Repairing gas, electrical and mechanical stove issues that you are not familiar with can be very dangerous and costly. The information posted on our website is only for educational purposes, in order to help you become more familiar with your stove, while also learning how to use them in the most efficient and cost effective way. For professional help on your stove repair service needs in Houston, call us at our local number:

713 481-5074


PROBLEM: The cooktop element heats up in another position, but will not work when returned to its original position in the range.
If' testing a cooktop element proves that the element is in good working order, its failure to operate lies with the control switch or the burner block into which the element is plugged. To find out which one is causing the trouble, do the following:
1. Turn off the electricity at the main electrical service panel. Don't touch any wire until you arc certain that all current to the range is off.
2. Open the control panel.
3. To find out whether you are dealing with a bad control switch or burner block, transfer the wires of the burner block serving the nonworking element to the control switch of a comparably sized element that is working. .Although the wires are probably color coded to make them easier to identify, use self-adhering labels or strips of masking tape to mark them and their terminals so that you can distinguish one wire and its control-switch terminal from another set.
4. Restore power. Caution: As you proceed further in this test procedure, remember that the power is art. Do not touch any wire or component other than the knob of the control switch.
5. Turn on the control switch. If the non operative element now glows, the control switch should be replaced. Follow the instructions below to replace it. If the element still doesn't glow, the burner block is defective or worn. In that case, turn off the electricity and reconnect the wires to their correct switch terminals. Close the control panel. You must have it service technician install it new burner block. The igniter keeps sparking, even when the burners are turned off. Top burner igniters are usually the snap type. They can be very sensitive to humidity or stove top spillage. When this occurs, try heating the area behind the knobs with a hair dryer. These top burner igniters are real work horses and should last the life of your stove. Improper ignition usually means dirt. Clean thoroughly and the problem should be resolved. If not, read the paragraph on Igniter Control Module replacement at the end of the oven problems section.

The range is turned on, but nothing is happening.

Look in the back and make certain that the power supply is plugged in. If it is, try the fuse box in the basement. If that's on, look for the fuses in the stove, and take them to be tested at your local, full service hardware store. Replace if necessary.

For Houston stove repair call us 24/7 at:

713 481-5074